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I am an American graphic designer working in Amsterdam.

I’ve made things in makerlabs, photo studios, small wood shops, big corporations, and some of the best agencies around the world. I enjoy the space between online and offline, between storytelling and data analysis, between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, between vision and action.

For me this means building things from the ground up, engineering ideas to grow.



I grew up in Boston, homeschooled with my three siblings across from Arnold Arboretum. We learned about the world through experiences in museums, libraries, beaches and parks, with foreign exchange students and neighborhood kids, exploring stacks of National Geographic magazines and sets of encyclopedias. I moved to Baltimore to study graphic design because it was somewhere in between science and art (my true loves). There was one class which impacted my outlook on everything — a collaboration with our design class, medical researchers, and community leaders in East Baltimore. In this class we tackled health issues in local neighborhoods (diabetes, lead poisoning, hypertension) and developed solutions based on research and daily routines. From this experience, I began to believe that design has value but that value is centered in the community. 

After I graduated, I set out to learn how to make people laugh and cry and fall in love. I worked for 10 years in Minneapolis at nationally-acclaimed design and advertising agencies and continued taking evening classes to expand my toolbox and work on personal initiatives. I was able to work for some amazing clients (Apple! Target!) and under some exceptional leadership. Working in advertising just reinforced my gut feeling that empathy and simplicity drives action.
Alongside my career, my husband has played a big part in my personal understanding of the world. He is a strategist and leader in our local African and Muslim communities and is deeply committed to using his knowledge to build a better world. We have collaborated on a couple of initiatives, including an African soccer tournament which connected 14 different communities in Minnesota and built trust across cultures. We are currently working on a online platform to connect the diaspora around the world.

In 2015, my family moved to Nürnberg, Germany where I began working at Adidas’ headquarters in Global Brand Design. My projects ranged from developing graphics systems for retail to leading creative direction for retail sustainability. I found balance and inspiration working on future thinking experimentation and present day work streams. I found the learnings between these projects elevated and propelled each other forward.

And now — now I want to use the tools I’ve developed to help connect the gaps in the systems I’ve seen. I want to work hard for things and people I believe in. I want to lift up those who are changing the world. I want to be a part of the solution.

Stay tuned.

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