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The Everyday Collection 

Target is famous for bringing exclusive designer collections to the masses. But when they launched their grocery offering of 250+ products, they needed to break through in an overly commodotized category. We re-imagined everyday products the only way Target can: fashionably. Welcome to the most intensely sensible collection of the season.

As seen in
Ad Age / Adweek / Google Think / PSFK / Communication Arts

Made at mono


Redefining the Grocery Run

Every grocery store can claim fresh food, good deals and convenient locations. Only Target has a track record of elevating the everyday.

We created a white seamless environment which alluded to fashion but more importantly, allowed for products to be the hero. The models amplified simple truths with each “accessory”. Red lipstick was a subtle nod to the Target logo.

Launch Event

The world's first live, 2-hour runway show on Twitter inspired by the world's bacon, cheese, donuts and toilet paper tweets. Tweet-to-Runway was born.

Lead designer
Art direction (still)
Digital direction
Social direction

Creative Partners 
Matthew Donaldson
Sarah Silver
Aaron Cameron Muntz
Paul Nelson
Lucas Zarebinski

Jason Zada


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